Invest in Good Business Equipment: My ExperienceInvest in Good Business Equipment: My Experience

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Invest in Good Business Equipment: My Experience

When I started my cabinet production business, I was lucky enough to secure a good business loan, since my credit was stellar. Although I had the cash to purchase brand-new equipment or gently used items, I wanted to save by buying very old items. I was told they had a lot of life left in them, even though their low price seemed too good to be true. I learned my lesson when important pieces kept breaking down. I even had to stop production for several days to fix an important item. I learned a huge lesson that if the price of used production equipment sounds too good to be true, it likely is. I created this blog to remind other business owners that purchasing quality equipment may cost more money upfront, but it will save you money and a huge headache in the end. I hope I can help you.

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Locating OEM Spare Parts: How This Typically Works

If you are like most people, you tend to assume that spare parts for any sort of machine, be it automotive, industrial, manufacturing, or even heavy equipment, you call the company that manufactured the machine. It is a logical thought, but one which is commonly incorrect. Spare parts are best acquired by by the OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, which is not the same company that makes the machines or equipment. To locate OEM spare parts, the process typically goes something like this.

Call the Company That Made the Machine or Equipment

If your machine/equipment is past warranty, you will have to do this anyway. While you are on the phone, you will have to ask about the company that made the part or parts you are looking for. It may end up being more than one OEM, so have a pencil and paper ready to take down the names and numbers of the companies.

Call the OEMs

Now that you actually have the OEM names and possibly the numbers for the part or parts you want, you will either A) have to call these companies in turn to find spare parts, or B) first find the contact information for the companies and then call them about OEM spare parts. If the companies keep spare parts on hand, and/or the parts are not too old or too out-of-date, the company may be able to sell you the spares and ship them to you. If not, the company representative may be able to suggest substitute parts that they do carry, which may be used in place of the parts that your machine or equipment needs.

When That Does Not Work Out

Sometimes companies go belly up months or years before you need the parts, and then you are stuck. Sometimes these OEM companies are taken over by larger companies and absorbed, subsequently altering the product design and function to a point where any spare parts available are not going to fit your machine/equipment. In the event that you discover that either of these things has happened to the OEM company that was supposed to have the part(s) you needed, the only other things you could do is check factory and manufacturing auctions, online auctions for parts, and/or check with other industries who have the same machines/equipment you do. Then maybe you can purchase the parts from these sources, and possibly some back-up parts if they are going to be this hard to find next time.

For more information, talk to a professional like Get Spares, LLC.