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Invest in Good Business Equipment: My Experience

When I started my cabinet production business, I was lucky enough to secure a good business loan, since my credit was stellar. Although I had the cash to purchase brand-new equipment or gently used items, I wanted to save by buying very old items. I was told they had a lot of life left in them, even though their low price seemed too good to be true. I learned my lesson when important pieces kept breaking down. I even had to stop production for several days to fix an important item. I learned a huge lesson that if the price of used production equipment sounds too good to be true, it likely is. I created this blog to remind other business owners that purchasing quality equipment may cost more money upfront, but it will save you money and a huge headache in the end. I hope I can help you.

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Mandated Water And Gas Meter Updates: What To Expect

As a homeowner, you are merely borrowing your water and gas meters and paying for the services they provide. Even though they are attached to your home, they are property of the utility companies they represent. As such, you can expect every one to two decades for these companies to notify you of changes. Water and gas meters need to be updated as the technology updates. If you have recently been notified by the water and gas companies that your meters will be updated on such-and-such date, here is what you can expect.

The Utilities Are Shut Off

Each utility in turn that utilizes a meter and that will be installing a newer meter will shut off that utility. If you want that hot shower on that day, you best take it early in the morning before the gas and water are turned off. (If you have an electric water heater, you only have to worry about the water shutting off.) With the utilities turned off, the technicians begin removing the respective meters.

Removing a Meter

When removing a utility meter, the technician first uncouples the meter couplings. The couplings connect the meter to the utility pipes. The meter registers the amount of water or gas that are passing through the pipes and the pipe that runs past or through the meter itself. Once the meter couplings are undone, the meter itself lifts out of position rather easily. If it does have some electrical wiring involved, the technician disconnects this as well. 

Installing the New Meter

Installing the new meter is often just a reversal of the process the technician just did to remove the old meter. There might be some added electrical wiring, since modern meters have digital readouts and WiFi connectivity. However, the installation process does not take that long at all.

Turning the Utility on Again

Once the meter is installed and calibrated for accuracy, the technician turns on the gas or water again. He or she may watch the meter for a few minutes to make sure it is registering use of the utility, and then the job is complete. You do not need to be at home for any of this, unless your meter is inside your home for some odd reason. The entire job, for any utility meter replacement, takes no more than twenty minutes to complete, so long as the couplings are easily loosened and there is nothing extra that needs repair. 

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